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I am perhaps a bit tardy in commenting on this particular post - but hopefully some adventurous new-comer will scroll down this far, and benefit from my observations. Besides, the author of this blog encouraged me to post them.

At the risk of being labeled a hopeless anal-retentive nerd, I should point out that the animal in Camilla's hand (in the Good Vibes ad) is a frog, not a toad (despite the ad's implication otherwise). It's a confusing thing: all toads are technically frogs - but it doesn't work the other way around (not all frogs are toads). The term "frog" is a more general classification; "toad" is a little more specific, referring to the genus Bufo, and few other similar genera. For clarification, check out the site Amphibiaweb.org (which also sports some incredible photography, btw), produced by the science department at Berkeley University.

I can't enlarge the image of the Good Vibes ad sufficently for a positive i.d., but I'm guessing the animal in Camilla's hand is an American wood frog (Rana sylvatica, I believe). In any event, it is most certainly a ranid, or perhaps leptodactylid, frog - placing it well outside the classification of "toad" in either case.

... but, then, being married to this blog's author also presumably places Camilla outside the realm of having to kiss toads anyway - thus rendering my points moot! Well, not really ... the owners of Good Vibrations, in conducting an advertisement campaign, are responsible not to miseducate the public ... yeah, yeah, I'm stretching the point here ... but isn't one of the owners of Good Vibrations a Berkeley grad? Perhaps said owner ought to grab one of the spanking implements they sell, and give herself a few gentle swats on her bared posterior ... and if she does, perhaps the administrator of this blog could post a video thereof! Okay, I'm really digressing now ... I'm outta here!


I correct myself: actually that frog in Camilla's hand might be one of a few of the European ranid frogs, most probably Rana dalmatina.


I started at the beginning and I have to say I'm really enjoying this blog. Oh be not mistaken, the eel-skin version sounds compelling indeed, but this format fittingly conveys ideas and thoughts through that selfsame ether whence they are borne and into which they likewise dissolve -- the entire enterprise contained neatly within the provinces of the transmutable air element, without needless detour into the more permanent realms of earth (whence doth come paper) and water (whence cometh eel skins). The fleet-footed Mercury bears this message afar and away!


In my hubris I forgot the initial reason I chose to make a comment, which was, I particularly like your many characterizations of that painted and be-blinged tart of the night, The City of San Francisco.


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