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Nice to see a historical post again - it had been a while since the last one, hadn't it?

With regards to your question about the possible punishments awaiting an officer who abandoned ship ("All three?"), while 100 lashes is conceivably survivable, I think it goes without saying that if you're going to be keel-hauled, you're not going to come out of it alive: even if you could hold your breath for the duration of time, and even if you only suffered minimal blood loss from being scraped against the barnacles, the curve of the keel would still probably snap your spine.

I almost segued from this into a brief history of the influence of 17th through 19th Century nautical lore on modern English vernacular ... but hey - this is yer blog, brother, not mine. The days of epic Finesmell commentary are best left to the past.

Anyway, definitely enjoyed this one.

Scott Parker

You seriously need to try to work in the time to write a book about SF... not a dry historical treatise, but written in First Person through the eyes of some of the characters that gave the city it's roots... I realize that time is a major issue with the smelting, crabbing, poking, usw (und so weiter - like a German version of etc, only with more class).

At the very least get your back issues of Monkeyface News into digital format and publish on iBooks!

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