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Thanks for sharing your trip. Ahh..the islands...what a beautiful place. I remember last time there I stood kneed deep in water inside the reef at dusk and as the sun went down the water came alive. Fish darted back and forth and I even saw an octopus crawl past me. Very cool.

Now that you have the papio basics down, time to try for ulua??

Would you mind sharing the hook model that appears in the oama pic?



Wow, i haven't responded to comment here in years! Umm the hook model? That was the only model of hook I could fond on the NW side of Hawaii (Waikaloa to Kawaihae). It came in a plastic bag with no marks. And BTW an three pound papio almost straightened it, so get another type of hook!


Aewsome post.....I reckon' the fish are getting mighty worried for your next trip out here.......!!!!!!


Thanks. Looks to be an interesting blend of Kahle and Octopus hook styles. However, if it is made out of coat-hanger, I think I will take your advice and look elsewhere...

Good luck with the low tide set. Hope to see you post more.


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