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[note to editor: this comment may be a duplicate, as author was interrupted during writing; publish which ever response appears to be more "complete" - and, of course, delete this parenthetical explanation!]

I really like the new web site "header" (or what-ever-the-hell it's called - as you probably already know, I'm not exactly hip to web design jargon): the new imagery is bolder, more to the point, and less cluttered-looking. It succinctly states that this is the blog of a guy who fishes from holes in the street, but also engages the surf; any peripheral interests can be assumed from the street scene.

That said, and as i'm sure I've previously noted, I always enjoy these forays into SF history - in this case, one relevant to the main topic of the blog, for touching on the subject of eel grass: what better "indicator species" for the health of a fishery, eh?

Projects have been initiated over here in the Chesapeake watershed to replant historical eel grass beds, but I can't imagine that it's been to much avail. Without the necessary improvements in water quality, I can't see those plantings taking off any time soon (see my previous rantings about politicians not having the huevos to enact a seasonal moratorium on lawn "care" products).

BTW, while you may initially have less time for such wanderings after the birth of your son, you should definitely take him with you when he's big enough to walk & understand what you're showing him!

Northern Boy

They're absolutely right, but I suspect you won't care. Congrats to you and Fishwife.

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