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I really enjoy your blog. Thanks, and keep up the good work! I scoop rotary screw trap live wells and beach seine for a living, so I am always amused by your observations and fishy notes. Can you please share your recipe for cioppino? Lastly, have you encountered anyone on the coast having any success tidepooling for rock scallops?

craig davis

Kirk, You know Sharky, right? This is a fantastic story from a real person . Not some hyped up jock star or some rich whos' who nobody. The real people in the trenches and willing to impart some life stories. I met some Croatians or possibly Serbians hunting for mushrooms up at Salt Point last weekend. We were diving for abalone and talked to a couple of these guys. Thick with accent and cigarette smoke, I wanted to talk a while but time and tide wait for no man. These funghi hunters would make an excellent story topic. Can I do it and report back to you?

Lombard Of The Intertidal

Dude... Im totally into that. Just be forewarned, I reserve all editing rights to anything I put up on the blog. Not sure if youve read Omnivores Dilemma, but theres a great little section on the culture of mushroom hunters in California. Thanks for the comment.

Lombard Of The Intertidal

Hey Scott... you gotta tell me something. What exactly does this sentence mean?

"I scoop rotary screw trap live wells for a living."

Also, are you saying that you beach-seine surfsmelt commercially... or maybe you are a biologist who does beach seine surveys, or maybe youre in some distant area where beach seining has a different significance? Talk to me, bro, I am intrigued.

As re: cioppino, I will be getting to this shortly. I want to get a bunch of recipes on the blog. However, this means I must talk to my wife, Camilla, for particulars--and shes bizzy with banjo and accordion and piano and what not.

Division of labor in this household is pretty much along traditional homo sapiens lines: I catch, she cooks. Most importantly we make use of the slow cooker for our own home made tomato sauce... basically i just catch all kinds of stuff... gaper clams, little necks, crab, monkeyface eels, mussels and the wife throws them in with the tomato sauce, garlic, a few onions, her special magic seasonings, boils em all for a while and calls it done. Some time this week I will get Calilladilla to write down the partix. But like I said, it requires pulling her off that accordion and thats been tough of late.

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