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I picked up a package of fresh female capelin, "Mallotus villosus, is a small forage fish of the smelt family"(according to wikipedia) a couple of weeks ago at my Japanese grocery store.

The internet told me to sprinkle with salt and red pepper and roast in the oven for eight minutes each side to make the roe dry and crunchy and eat them whole. Since I do everything the internet tells me to do, I did.

They were very tasty eaten whole over rice. I want more baitfish now.

Lombard Of The Intertidal

Well then Lyssa. Not sure where you live but if you live here then you must must memorize this simple haiku:

In San Francisco,

Winter is time for herring.

In the summer, smelt.

But do not confuse nasty, worm ridden, jack smelt (not an osmerid like the capelin, eulachon, surf smelt or night smelt, but a silverside like the flying fish) for the real thing.


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