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Through the link you provided on Thomas Wildey, I found that the "strange symbology" of the Odd Fellows really isn't all that strange: the three links in the chain symbolize Friendship, Love, and Truth (break one link, and the whole chain is fucked, I believe is the operative philosphy here). Though I found no reference to that part of the symbol, the eye is presumably "the Eye of God" - though the Odd Fellows are non-sectarian, they do agree on the omnipotence of a supreme divinity. Mystical poppy-cock to us aetheists, perhaps, but pretty straight-forward stuff compared to the superstitions of more literalist fundamentalist types ... as your link also points out, the Odd Fellows are first and formost a philanthropic organization (no problems there); surprisingly, Wyatt Earp is counted amongst their former members. It's quite a distinguished list, actually ... FDR, Charlie Chaplin, King Olaf the 5th of Sweden ... the Rubes surely felt honored to play in their hall!
Maybe having performed beneath the benevolence of the Mystic Eye of God will prevent the author of this blog from succumbing to the ills that would otherwise surely befall him (for having indulged that horrid anaerobic-microbe- and mercury-laden excuse for ceviche)!

rene rodrigez

thats mest

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