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"Rocking Out" indeed! This blog has now officially usurped all my previous favorite blogs! Oh, I still check the others out once in a while, and they still produce an entertaining post now and then ... but they ain't got nuthin' on this!

In re Sharky's crab water injuries, the salt o' the sea may be the best thing for warding off infections: a few years ago, I got a nasty cut on my ankle that, despite immediate treatment with hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin, got badly infected ... then I went swimmin' in the brackish confluence of the Potomac and the Chesapeake - and all the puss cleared right up!

... of course, with all the pharmaceutical run-off in the Potomac, it might not have been the salt that did the trick; it coulda been anti-biotics ... there's so many menopause medications in the Potomac (estrogen, mostly), that male bass are laying and fertilizing their own eggs! I'll let ya know if my spare tire ever starts kickin'! Like I say, though, it's been a few years ... and I have yet to covet a pickle sundae.

As for Camilladilla rockin' out in full feline regalia - can I print that image out, and tape it to the back of my aquarium? If nothing else, it oughtta scare all the fish to the front of the tank, where you can actually see 'em (I mean that as a compliment to yer wife and her bandmates - nothing more, nothing less) ... no more of this lurking-behind-the-plants-and-driftwood shit for my fish - we're puttin' on a show!


"Tis but a mere flesh wound!"
--Black Knight

Lombard Of The Intertidal

He doesnt actually say: Tis but a mere flesh wound.  But rather, the less cumbersome: its just a flesh wound.  Right?

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