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Poor Camilla! But at least you had some good eats!

Scott P

So how often do you (please interpret this as plural you, not singular) get food poisoning? Myself, since I have found that the funky out of the way places tend to have the most interesting and, sometimes unusual flavors, succumb to it whenever I go wardriving for new eateries...

I think that while willing to try the (perhaps misnamed) lepard shark ceviche, it would have likely put me on a 3-day moratorium against anything solid...


Hey Scott... just to clarify. Camilladilla's food poisoning had nothing to do with shellfish. In all these years I have never ever gotten sick from stuff that I picked/dug up/caught. Though I have gotten sick on canned clams and restaurant mussels. Thing is, if you pick them yourself and cook them yourself, you are constantly checking them out and looking for certain things--like dead mussels. And as long as you call the biotoxin number before you go you'll know where the bad algal blooms are. 1-800-553-4133. Also if you want to volunteer for the OEHHA you can go out into the field, collect a sample of mussels, send them to the lab, and find out the very next day if they are safe. Then go into the field and pick mussels or dig clams with no sense of foreboding at all. To volunteer call this number: 510 412-4635. Talk to Greg Langlois. I got the # off their website.

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