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Did you notice the breaching pinniped in the background of your Island Boys video?

Damn, I wish I had sound on my computer.


Hoh! Brah!! Da Bruddahs be singin' and playin' real nice. Automatic fo' dees Island boy, cuz....


Ha- that's beautiful, and I saw the seal too.... Fun stuff- especially nearly cried at throwing the ball around on T-day... every year I'm haunted by memories of long walks in the empty village on that day, tossing the ball around.
love from east shore-


Hey brother. Nice to have ya onboard.

Brett Reeder

At any point from the top down of this blog I could have stopped and said this is my favorite blog, and commented that right there on that post but I kept going and did not comment. Why do we do that? They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions well today I stopped and acted with this simple comment.
Well done! keep writing, keep playing the music, I liked the song about the Sturgeon, I liked the landlord post, and the goofy pictures of Kyaker;s on the beach posing and the story of the lady of the house putting her foot down and saying no not in my house (it's always the smell that gets them), This blog- It's the stuff of real life

Have fun out there!

Lombard Of The Intertidal

Thanks Brett.  Appeciate the comments.  Feel free to chime in at any time!

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