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I would very much like a pair of those fetching furry trousers for Christmas. Just sayin'.


Camilladilla, after reading yer hubby's Thanksgiving Day post, we are happy to see that you are presumably still amongst the living, and apparently well enough to type a few words!
Would have sent you get-well wishes earlier, but have been off the net since the Eve Before Thanksgiving.

Scott P

Would it be possible to get a copy of your posted-removed treatise on clams, mussle's, bivalves, etc? I'm fascinated by them and apparently missed the removed article... so am willing to risk the ennui of a technical treatise on various examples of my favorite food source. I enjoy eating them but am woefully lacking information on how to find them for the harvest, both the muck dwelling variety you have posted above and the only other I'm familiar with gathering, the elusive Pismo Clam. I regret that my only memory of these bivalves consists of the cold waves of Pismo Beach knocking me down when I was around 7 years old or so after stabbing a huge (to me at the time) pitchfork into the water trying not impale my foot in quest of the delicious little buggers.


Scott P - dude, it looks to me like Kirk actually failed to delete that post: I just checked, and it was still there. Scroll down to "Another Day at the Office" (11/15/09) - quick, before it disappears!


Actually, Scott is referring to a different post. I am editing it in an attempt to make it less bad. But it'll have to wait a few days.

Scott P

Hmm. I don't, actually, know which post I'm referring to as if it was deleted before I had the chance to read it, then perhaps I should have used words like aforementioned or alleged in reference to it. Either way, I had the pleasure of reading these responses. As entertaining and fun to read as the blog itself! :)

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