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They're cuddly and intelligent!


Just as people are resistant to the idea that something cute and cuddly needs to have its population thinned, the opposite is also true: people are also resistant to investing in protecting something that's creepy and crawly, even if there's evidence that it plays a vital role in the ecosystem, &/or it has unique features of interest, &/or preserving its habitat has secondary benefits.

Take, for example, bats: your average moron only percieves them as rabies-carrying pests, to be removed from the attic by animal control, broom, or pellet gun - but the average bat is less likely to carry rabies than "cute & cuddly" racoons, AND THE AVERAGE BAT EATS TEN TIMES ITS WEIGHT PER NIGHT IN MOSQUITOES ... yet your average human dipshit would probably oppose any legislation to protect bats. Well, that's just fine: then West Nile virus (and other insect-borne diseases) can contribute to the culling of the most overpopulated mammal on Earth - us!

One way or another, things will balance out - we can't choose otherwise; we can only choose how.


As long as we eat them I have no problem with killing them. Though it seems like the collapse of various fish species will automatically thin their ranks in coming years.

paul Garland

yup... sharkssss...?? kk

Paul Garland

yuppp.... sharkssssss....???

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