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Not to further yer "devil's advocate" description of the Embassy Suites, or anything, but I gotta admit: if the hotel nearest my office had tropical foliage and a koi pond in their atrium, I'd probably get lunch there once in a while - if only to break up the monotony of my routine pastrami on rye at any one of the numerous indistinguishable greasy-ass delis near my place of employment.

The man who actually composed that insult to intelligence, on The Plaque of Wooley, upon the Rock of Concern, is the one who should be heaved into the tidal mire. I'm guessing he'll fit about a size 12 cement shoe.

Dan Gracia

Hi Kirk, Hope you made it back out for those tasty little white fish . We did not . A halibut here and there but not many yet . Need better weather and bait . See you soon ... Fish Man Dan

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