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In re the contest, I cast my vote for Eurypharynx castrator.

Of course, seeing as how I'm the primary illustrator of the print edition MFN, I should probably be gettin' a free copy anyways ... guess if I win the contest, I just get extra copies?



Having used the internet extensively, and not claiming otherwise, I find that this is probably the fish the Indonesians call Ikan Lumek, which, since I know not their language, I will translate creatively as "Ugly-Ass Skankfish." Can't find a taxonomical name though, so if you want to disqualify my ass there's still a chance for the next guy.


Bombay Duck? I've seen this fish a lot in the Hong Kong fish markets.


Lombard Of The Intertidal

Good work Tre. You win. Bombay duck it is! Harpedon nehereus. Very common in Asia. Often caught in the Indian Ocean or the China Sea. Send me an e-mail w/ your snail mail and Ill send you a package.

PS: to the other creative answer contestants I am still waiting to hear from one more MFN operative...

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