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Maybe cuz he looked like this guy:





A-Rod is kissing a man.


Yer pal Roy the Friendly Ecologist is saying what I've been spouting for years, only in re the Chesapeake Bay, our nation's largest estuary. Central Atlantic politicians keep putting the screws on farmers to reduce their chicken-shit run-off, but they're too chicken-shit to tell home-owners to stop dumping all kinds of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns. Why any property owner would even WANT to waste their hard-earned money, in THIS recession, on fertilizer THAT ONLY ABSORBS 30 PERCENT, is beyond me - just mulch yer frigging lawn with its own clippings, ya morons! You'll get 100 percent nutrient absorption, and it's free!

I know, I know, you've heard me on this soap box before ... but it seemed kinda relevant to yer opener to this post. I'm just hoping that maybe some property owners here on the Central Atlantic, who fish or follow baseball, will accidentally hit upon yer site, and their dim bulbs will suddenly light up with something resembling actual thought ... yeah, I too am metaphorically praying for rain. If I wasn't painfully aware of the futility of such hope, I'd probably have chosen more diplomatic language to describe my neighbors. In my defense, all I can say is that I practice what I preach.


ADDENDUM/CLARIFICATION to my ranting: I am NOT saying that people who fish or follow baseball are "dim bulbs"; I'm only saying that people who insist on dumping inefficient commercial feritilizers on their lawns, when they know (or SHOULD know) that most of it runs off into the watershed, are dim bulbs. I fished and collected baseball cards when I was a kid (though never with the prowess of this blog's author!), and I certainly feel that today's youth would be better off spending more time in such activities, and less time glued to telecommunications devices.

In re Kirk's points about people continuing to thrive on fish caught in the San Francisco Bay, despite the high level of contamination: LET THE CHESAPEAKE BE A WARNING TO YOU ALL OF THINGS TO COME - NEARLY HALF THE CHESAPEAKE IS CURRENTLY A DEAD ZONE. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, a "dead zone" is an area in a body of water that's so oxygen-depleted from run-off, that it can no longer support animal life. In other words, you can only catch fish in about half the Chesapeake - is this really what you want to have happen in San Francisco? If this can happen to the nation's largest estuary, it can certainly happen to you all - and it WILL happen, if Bay Area sportsmen and property owners continue their apathy about personal run-off. THIS is what Roy the Friendly Ecologist is talking about - wake up and smell the toxic vapors, people!

Okay, I'm off my soap box now - throw all the rotten tomatoes and eggs you want!


BTW, I agree with Camilladilla: Roy White has a more chiseled jaw than Venus Flytrap (athletes tend to beat out television actors in that regard), and definitely exudes a cooler self-confidence ... not to diss Mr. Flytrap, or anything ... if nothing else, the latter gets kudos for being named after a single-species genus of carnivorous plant, endemic to only one state in the union, but bred in mulitple forms by the Dutch and Japanese

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