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Virgins - in San Francisco? Good luck, dude! Don't give up hope for an appeasement for rain, though: in some theologies, Tlaloc was a goddess, not a god - and, as such, preferred snakes and flowers for her sacrificial offerings ... surely you can rustle up some of those, eh? Just be careful that the snakes you slaughter aren't an endangered species - the resulting downpour might be more torrential than you bargained for!

In re the history of Jack London's times, and the response to shrimp poaching: the laws should have targeted the activity, not the ethnicity of people who practiced it ... but, of course, they didn't think like that then. One would hope that an individual of London's literary prowess would've been above the racist fray (Clemens pretty much was, after all - what's London's excuse?) - but, sadly, that's often not the case. Now, of course, some stereotypical Frisco PC-type is gonna argue that Clemens was also racist! Historical perspective, people - please.

All that said, I've read the book in question, and yeah - despite the infuriating ignorance of its views, it's a good read, with wonderful details about the geography. Kinda like eating an otherwise good spinach salad, only to bite down on hard grains of dirt.


I wonder if anyone actually read this one?

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