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betsy  berberian

Good read! (maybe the shark was hoping for a sea lion) I learned to dive many years ago in a class taught by navy seals. It was for fun but the teachers were SERIOUS. They used to make us do laps with a snorkel and no mask...we could not take our heads out of the water...glub glub

Northern Boy

Cracking stuff. I am always so jealous anytime I read of someone encountering The Landlord and yet always so relieved it wasn't me. Did you eat the Abs or what? Were they worth it?


i loved this story. you should be published,,,if not already. mfn is my favorite .. fish nerds unite!


Good stuff Kirk but get a picture of a pencil popper to replace that Yellow Gibbs Darter please

Louis DeMais

Oh man, great tale. I laughed out loud several times. Particularly "...knows ALL of his tennants -- especially those who hang out in his own house." Don't give up!

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