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While it sucks that the powers that be in China can limit a man's (or woman's) playing field, I can't pity Wang Hao too much: Peng Luyang is an undeniable cutie. That said, one shudders to think of the paddlings that either of them could deliver to the other's backside! Here's hoping they take turns (or "switch", as they say in BDSM parlance) ...

Here are my votes for the critters:
A) Pallid rat-tail
B) Lancet prickleback
C) Johannes Sebastian Bach prickleback (the facial similarities are uncanny!)
D) Kelp crab
I'm sure Northern Boy will deal me a humilating defeat on these ... but, in the unlikely event I should win, I'll designate a recipient for my winnings, under the assumption that - as the primary illustrator of said tome - I'm already getting a free print MFN anyway.

Phil Newton

OK, I got the last three; gunnel, stripefin ronquil and sheep crab. The first one I’m stuck on, but I get the feeling it’s a species with an unusual name, something like……DSC01478. It’s just a feeling I get when I look at it on the screen, a feeling that’s really strong when I trace the outline with my mouse………..

Ok, I’m being a smartass. I’m sorry. One score on the fish quiz and I’m a bit too full of myself. Haven’t been fishing for a month, too much snow here in Cymru.

(I promise I didn’t do this for round one; it was a long snowbound evening in with Milton Love and Google images. Such is the life of the fishing addict).


(OK, the comment above is Northern Boy!)

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