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What's the year on that "Vulcan Son of Jupiter"? It's weird - Bella Cortez is definitely a hottie in that scene, but the actual dancing wasn't all that sensual ... there were a few choice moments, but the over-all choreography was about as erotic and graceful as Nazi architecture ... and it's supposed to be a MATING dance? It's almost like the choregrapher was deliberately trying to accentuate Ms. Cortez's curves by contrasting them with flat dancing - as if that were necessary!

Thanks for this day's amusement - you've made a hectic day at the bottom of the office totem pole bearable!

betsy berberian

yes, we girls all loved Steve Reeves. Besides him and his gleaming body, my favorite girlhood memory is the scene with the animated skeletons sword fighting. Do you know which Hercules movie that was? What about Gladiator with Russell Crowe..thats not too bad.


I believe the scene to which you refer is from Jason and the Argonauts. Yes, gladiator, was the best of the modern sword and sandals... methinks.


How nice that both genders agree upon a source of eye candy!
How often does that happen? I think Kurt's right: they'll never top the "swords and sandals" genre of the past.


Ugh - I need another coffee: I just called Kirk "Kurt"!
He won't let me live this one down, I'm sure ...


Jeezuz am I "Kurt" now?

I totally concur with your assessment of Ms. Cortez. Not much of a dance scene. But again, she really didn't need to do much (or wear much) to make that sequence successful! In fact with a woman of that physical type I think its safe to say "less is more."


Sorry, I had just been talking with a coworker named Kurt prior to posting my last commentary (and, like I said, I'm somewhat caffeine-deprived). Ya know I love ya, bro!

YouTube, of course, puts a menu of related vid clips at the end of viewing your clip here ... and I have to say, while Chelo Alonso is no more foxy than Ms. Cortez, and she shows a little less skin, her two dance performances in "Goliath and the Barbarians" are far superior. THAT woman can MOVE!

Account Deleted

Hi, the skeleton fighting scene is from Jason and the Argonauts, thanks. I found it on u-tube. Here's the link if you want to see it:

ok back to work


Thanks for finding that link, Betsy - definitely brings back childhood memories ... it's funny, though - I distinctly remembered those skeletons being more cream-colored ... I guess it's either the vagaries of age playing with my memory, or the cheap tv set we had back then! This deep grey is definitely more dramatic and spooky.

Hey Kirk - didn't you promise a fish-related post today?

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