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Account Deleted

Ex. E looks like a shark. All my reference books are birds,reptiles and mammals so I'll get back to you on the fish ID's (good game).

Northern Boy

Wahey, fish quiz.

I'm going with

(A) Monkeyface prickleback (Cebidicthys violaceus)
(B) Tidepool sculpin (Oligocottus maculosus)
(C) ummmm, Giant Sea Bass? (Stereolepis gigas)
(D) Kelpfish (Heterostichus rostratus)
(E) Soupfin shark (Galeorhinus galeus)
(F) Buffalo sculpin (Enophrys bison)


"MFN Fishwife #1"?!?! There's more than one now?!?! Apparently sild isn't the only viking tradition being observed at MFN headquarters!


Northern Boy wins! He's off on a few species names, but he got all the families! Good work bro!

Account Deleted

Congratulations to Northern Boy!

Jackie Bauman

Looking for a picture of a Pogie fish.....use to be a huge rock about 100' off shore before Candlestick Park was built....they covered the rock over! Name of rock was Pogie Rock because of the Pogie fish .....updating Candlestick SRA kiosk of history of place...I have pictures of Pogie Rock........but no pogie fish.

Can anyone help me or advise.


Hey, Jackie. kirk here. Certainly there are many pictures of "pogies" on this site and much commentary. You will have to contact me at my email address, also quite prominent on my blog. If you are serious enuff to do these things, then I will most happily provide you with all the pix and info you may need on the colloquial "pogie" of SF Bay.

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