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Joel "Mooch" Lotilla

Those clams are truly "gifted" ;)

Joel "Mooch"

....heard you berely beat the parking curfew ;)

Scott Parker

Outdone yourself again! :)

Paul E. Ester

Great video, thanks for making it.

Anatoli Trifonov

Great video. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Kruse

Melville. SF Restaurants and book binding! Great post and one step closer to my wife allowing me to pursue the oceanic creatures. Get a publicist and advertisers - in this world, you should be paid.

Scott Parker

Kirk, I'm just curious... I've been doing an MLPA map on google...


So ALL of Drake's Estero is going to be no-take come March?

M Patyten

Kirk -- Drake's will be open ONLY for clamming after April 1... (and for commercial aquaculture)... unless there's some other closure happening that I'm not aware of... see


Man, you gave away your sweet spot for nada!
; )

M Patyten

'course, maybe you were in Estero de Limantour...

M Patyten

...or that one segment of Drakes Estero that IS becoming a reserve...anyway, you have one month more than you thought...!


i think you might like this: The New England Chowder Compendium, a project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst



wrong address*

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