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Northern Boy

A less hooligan-like fish I have not seen. Is it known how this nickname came about? Wikipedia claims "The name "hooligan" appears to have been derived from "eulachon" by similarity with the English slang term for a ruffian or scoundrel which gained currency in the late 19th century".

A most unsatisfying explanation. What are the similarities between a euchalon and a ruffian (or scoundrel). Surely there is a better explanation based upon more than mere rhyme. If not then I'll make one up.


Don't I get credited with an "MFN Operative" number for tipping you off about this eulachon ruling? Harrrumph! Well ... the retro eye candy in your more recent post makes up for this slight, I suppose ...

Scott P

Regarding my previous comment... nevermind. Took my own advice and googled it. http://www.starryploughpub.com starts at 9pm. Hopefully see you there if I can kill enough time up there after the derby :)

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