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Scott Parker

Have to say that I hope you are wrong too, but unfortunately, I'm also hoping that I'm wrong as well. In a case like this, best guesses just don't cut it, not when the entire future of the species is at risk if a mistake is made, and simply put, we do not have enough data to make an educated decision. Take into the account that there is even less availabiliy of any reliable data and it looks more and more like salmon may go the way of the euchalon. It's just like global warming... we can't say whether it's a natural cycle or if it's man-made, but it either way the simple fact that the ice sheets are melting, glaciers are shrinking, and sea levels are rising doesn't change. We may be wrong about some of the side-effects of what will happen as a result, but the base facts are all too evident. I would hate to lose our salmon fishery forever because we made decisions too hastily and on bad data. A few more missed salmon seasons while we make sure of the facts is better than no more salmon seasons... ever.


Even if they do permit a "season" of sorts, it's sure to be extremely limited... thanks for the comment Scott...

Reno Sepulveda

I fish for love, not money and I like clean water and air. I also live in the San Joaquin Valley so I tend to side with farmers when it comes to water issues. I pray and give thanks for rain and snow.

I enjoy your blog and videos. Like Leroy always says, "keep on rockin"

Trout Fishing in America Shorty

Do you have an opinion regarding the allegation that striped bass are largely responsible for the diminished salmon runs? Many anglers see it as agri-business playing divide & conquer by pitting striper fishermen against salmon fishermen.

It would seem that the negative effect of striped bass would have been observed within the first century of their introduction in 1879. If it took this long for striper predation to become a significant factor, I suspect that something else, like water use, is to blame. It's harder to accept this theory than the alleged effect of trout on the yellow-legged frog in the Sierras.

Reno Sepulveda

I have an opinion that much of the "science" on this issue is agenda driven.

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