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They'll be back. Or something will. Generations from now, maybe in a different form, maybe even as one or more completely new species, long after the oil has become too uneconomical to extract, and we and all our bullshit have mostly died off. Have a nice day!

Scott Parker

Encourage everyone you know to start adapting to a world that uses less oil. Companies like Bloom Energy have an amazing fuel cell they are coming out with, there are tons of solar energy options out there, Tesla Motors has all-electric cars (pair that with a fuel cell and whoo baby). Just need to get the cost down so that regular Joes can afford some of these newfangled goodies. Imagine if we could convert these giant, fuel ineffecient cargo ships to run on solar energy and fuel cells and electric engines? And just think... no more bunker fuel.

Trout Fishing in America Shorty

Invoking Merkle's Boner seems rather harsh. To add insult to injury, you compare John Cota to Bill Buckner, who is immortalized as a victim of the Red Sox Curse in the 1986 World Series.

For me, the event was more like the final result of Dusty Baker's pitching rotation and batting lineup in the 2002 World Series. The Cosco Busan hitting the Bay Bridge was Dustiny. I suppose that makes John Cota the Shawon Dunston of Bay Pilots in my rotisserie league. It was a Giant error.

I've been waiting for the San Francisco Giants to win the Series since Willie McCovey lined out to Bobby Richardson in 1962. I may not be around when they finally do it.


How convenient for the oil execs to have these bumbling ships' pilots to hang up on the line to dry ... may oil executives be chased for eternity through humid briar by raging cassowaries!

In re R Diddly's comments, yes life will probably continue on this planet after the extinction of our own species - but, depending on how extremophile bacteria evolve, I wouldn't necessarily expect it to be vertabrate. After our self-imposed demise, the Earth will most likely never again return to the lovely green Eden of our instinctual longing.

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