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The last time I handled a Vermillion Rockfish, the thing squirmed and stuck me with one of its spines. I was bleeding all over the place, but was strangely aroused.

Thank you, Mr. Intertidal. I no longer feel ashamed about this!


People care more about the proverbial canary in a coal mine than they do about the eulachon--which is the real thing. These obscure "unsexy" endangered species become objects of derision like the spotted owl or snail darter. The persons who champion their cause are dismissed as elitist tree huggers.

What can you do? Declare yourself the Lorax of the fishes? That might work with kids. Change the public's perception of the species by comparing it to esteemed-but-accessible celebrities? The eulachon could be the Tina Fey of endangered fish.

I suppose it depends upon the demographic group you want to reach. Many anglers regard themselves as the original conservationists (as opposed to environmentalists). They are stewards of the natural world with the privilege to consume its resources. They tend to be conservatives or libertarians with a strong distrust of government bureaucracy. This is assuming that your audience consists of conservative anglers.

There's no need to appeaser the lunatic fringe iconoclasts--we'll read your blog even it it doesn't feature the kinds of fish Papa Hemingway would catch.

maryland fishing charters

WOW! Never thought I liked ling cod, that is, until I seen Raquel Welch :).

Reno Sepulveda

Excellent. Extra bonus points for Gloria Graham.

Scott Parker

Hmm. Personally I love reading about euchalon, smelt, herring, or any other non-trendy obscure fish!

keith iaia

Good stuff Lombard! Kudos on the Ann Margaret/V.M. connection. Also, I too agonized over the salmon vs. Albacore dilemma. But came to the same conclusion ultimately. Finally, there can be no question - Raquel is totally a ling cod and if you can't see that then you have no eye for good Eaton's women nor fine lookin' fish.

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