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Oh boy, Santa Barbara! Be sure to get your hands on some uni while you're there! It's the best in the world. Edomasa, on de la Vina Street, is a great neighborhood sushi joint that's out of the way and deliciously well-priced.

Scott Parker

Hmm. When I was a kid, Salton Sea was the place to go... waterskiing, fishing, boating... and after you look at the two pictures below you will see why we just thought it was a dead, stagnant body of water (that and the toxic reek you endure whenever you drive by it now).



The official CA site for it is below. I didn't realize that there was still so much life in it...


This actually seems to me like a good opportunity to try and breed some more salt-resistant species of marine life or marine life that can help to reduce some of the excess salts in the water?

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