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craig davis

Now just think, when we can make live sardines for bait with the sabiki, then go catch a halibut it will be , so to say, on the hook.Congrats on your first kayak hali. A notable point of reference in time. Craig( aka Ravensblack)

Scott Parker

Kirk, you can safely add the word "delicious" to the emotive content of your blog posts... I thought that your previous smelt pictures looked tasty but this one made my mouth water.

By the way, if you haven't tried it before consider mixing some crushed macadamia nuts in with your coating if you plan on pan-frying any of your leftover halibut fillets :) MMMmmm.


Good job on the hal-e-butt Kirk!

Now was that at xxxxxxx beach or xxx beach? j/k


My enthusiasm meter is pegged yet again by another thrilling, well written post. Well done, Sir. The power and humility with which you convey your quest in the conquering of Sea Beasts is a true and remarkable archetype that would make even a Carmelite blush. Indeed, you could be considered the Marjoe Gortner of fishing blogs (the salt lick of fish dreams), and I am but one of a legion of followers and blog stalkers who will praise this site and soon demand that an Order be formed! Yes, a Coat of Arms will certainly be needed here...but what of a name?


This post inspired me to enjoy some shore-based crabbing this weekend. There are only a few coastal piers and jetties in the Bay Area where one can catch dungeness crab legally. I would say that the most popular, the Pacifica Pier, is not so easy these days, probably because it's so popular. I went to one of the other spots. I had to settle for half a limit, but I'm happy!

Meanwhile, I saw Cheryl Crane at the Presidio's Torpedo Wharf today. I watched a young man beach a barely illegal striper on a white jig, a few feet from the Golden Gate Promenade.

Tourists were photographing him and his fish with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. A Greek chorus of anglers was chanting, "Undersized! Undersized!" I didn't stick around to see whether he released that striper.

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