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Scott Parker

Big minus tides coming up early AM next weekend (Memorial Day weekend). Considering, oddly enough, heading up to Humboldt/Eureka for fishing and clamming...

Or maybe just stick around here if the swells don't look that great! :)

Will other types of netting work for the A-frame? How small do the holes in the netting need to be? What is the dimensions of the netting before you start to shape it? I was looking on Ebay and saw some bridal-veil mesh which looked like it may work... the only other item I saw that might be functional was mosquito netting...




Oooh, you know I'm dying for that bay shrimp discussion, Kirk.


I'm diggin how you go after the less mainstream fish and inverts. Once the season starts, I'm gonna go grunion-ing just because of all the night smelt articles. Fish on.

Scott Parker


i have to say that you are the epitome of what i have come to think of the fishermen i have met since getting started... you give unstintingly of tourself, be it time, information, or encouragement. i have to say once again thank you for your help and advice!

i was able to figure out throwing the cast net after meeting you and look forward to beginning to build an a-frame in the future!

Orsa Fisher

Reposted video on facebook.
Yes, that is how our mornings look:)


Newspaper cones of cooked bay shrimp used to be sold like fast food along the S.F. waterfront. It was my second favorite local crustacean, after dungeness crab. If I caught a few pounds of bay shrimp, I'd party like it's 1959!

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