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Bravery lies not in always presenting a "brave face" but rather in having the true courage to confront also the dark moments that haunt us all, bravo.

Scott Parker

I'm quite faniliar with malancholy, although sometimes I think the lassitude is more akin to languor or perhaps jejune. I hope the sad news was not devestating, but merely the trigger for your, hopefully transitory, melancholia. Likewise, I also wish you speedy recovery and pray you are not literal in your word choice... http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/melancholia


With that dire title and opening pic, I thought you'd touch on the subject of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico ... while I'm glad you didn't add to the ever-present imagery of the onslaught on some our nation's most productive wetlands, you certainly covered a lot of bases here, Home-slice - very thought-provoking.

I am reminded of when I was 15 years old, and was doing bong hits with some friends in an attic. Our host's mother unexpectedly ascended the attic stairs, causing most of us freeze in fear. She looked to her son, and calmly stated, "Ed, I just want you to remember one thing: MODERATION."
A huge, collective sigh of relief eminated from our adolescent guts as Ed's mom returned to that part of the house normally inhabited. I think the transformation in Little Walter's face speaks volumes to the value MODERATION: he sure looks a lot older than 33 in that second picture. Thankfully, Ed and I took his mother's words to heart; I can't speak for the other guys in that attic.

Embrace your fish-wife immediately upon her return.
It's sure to help.

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