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Scott Parker

Hmm. Do you get that eerie feeling all the time when out alone in the wilds at night, or is it just sometimes?

Normally I'm quite comfortable alone, isloated, in the dark... but for some reason there are times when something sets my subconscious on edge and the slightest noise in the brush gives me the screaming willies...

Northern Boy

An entertaining tale of amygdala activation, but with one crucial detail is missing for those of us here in the MFN bleachers with our scorecards and chewed pencils; did you put any smelt in the bucket?


Yes. I got maybe 10 pounds but they were tiny... tiny... miniscule little buggers.


Yeah. Honestly... it's a New York thing. Total distrust of strangers in the dark... what can I say?


no worries night fishing you'll have plenty o' friends. just wait til a good striper run at ocean beach. you'll know when they come by the near 100 headlights bobbing about the waters edge in the wee am hours. and those troughs in the sand are from dragging 25lb+ fish back up to their cars!

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