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... not only is this probably the only fishing blog to delve into the topic of Kid Creole and the Coconuts, it's probably also the only place to watch a video of a guy catching two lousy shrimp - frickin' hilarious! You, sir, are a comic master.

(and, I might add, a much-needed source of comic relief after yesterday's lamenting)

Scott Parker

another bit of awesome here kirk! actually keep at it and you may get enough for a cocktail or salad topping!

more seiously though, i love your blog not because i want a fish report, but because you never fail to make me take a second or even third look at the whole idea of what it means to be a fisherman.

Scott Parker

Thinking of shrimp... I thought this shrimping in the city they do in Taiwan may be of interest to you...


Fishing Tips

Fishing and kid creole. Whatta combo!

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