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Scott Parker

Kirk, I don't know if anyone else is having this issue but the Rube Waddell website hangs on the adobe shockwave loading screen...


It should be up and running now...


Kirk, great post! I am a fan of MFN, and I have been enjoying your writing a whole lot. But today, you have touched the bottom of my heart. There were times when I see such painful sights at one of our local fishing holes(regarding "A veritable phalanx of beef sticks"), and I will just keep on driving nowadays until I find a peaceful place to fish. It may not be as productive, but peace of mind is priceless. There was one time, I was casting a rat-l-trap at the end of a jetty, catching white bass and stripers. (from a local fresh water lake) Then, out from nowhere (it seems from nowhere when you were busy catching fish and not paying attention), a group of beef sticks arrived, and started to launch their heavy sinkers and cut baits on top of the jetty right behind me. The sound of heavy sinkers traveling at warp 3 right over my head is something that you won't forget. After ducking and dodging thru all the lead bullets, I turned around and looked, and saw the group had settled down on their lawn chairs or buckets, and with beef sticks wedged in the rocks, fanned out all around the end of the jetty, I had no choice but to pick up and leave. I figured that a 7 foot baitcaster is no match to an army of beef sticks.

Keep up your good work!

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