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Scott Parker

Hmm. I don't believe I've ever tried a striper... will have to see about a rectification of that error of omission... your fish looked delicious and I think perhaps I've been missing out...


That striper is the perfect size for eating. The meat is tender and succulent. When those fish get bigger than 15 pounds, the only tender meat is on the tail. I don't like to keep stripers heavier than 10 pounds. The best tasting stripers are barely legal. (Does Larry Flynt publish any fishing mags?)

You might consider cropping that picture a little more tightly if you're trying to conceal your location. I believe I know that spot -- but so do most local striper fishermen! I was there about 2 weeks ago, during that brief heat wave, trying to catch dungeness crab on snares (with no success). I should have been striper fishing instead.


Hey Fontenelle, thanks again. I cropped the image. However, I am interested to see if you got the spot right. I'll wager a beer you didn't. E-mail me:



Hey Kirk, been meaning to get that perch recipe to you but I've been having trouble figuring out how to explain it. Apparently my gf doesn't have a set recipe but eyeballs the whole deal, so these are approximations and you can play around with the amounts.

1 1/2lbs of boneless perch fillets (can be mixed with shrimp if catch is insufficient)
1 egg
green onions
1 tsp soy sauce
1/2tsp corn starch
pinch of sugar
black & white pepper (season to taste)
optional ingredients:

sesame oil
fish sauce

First off, blend the fillets in a food processor to a paste. Then add the fish and all the other ingredients except the cornstarch in a mixing bowl and mix well. Add the cornstarch last (its for consistency, you can use more/less as desired), mix well. Form into a patty shape and pan fry on medium high heat till browned and thats it. There you go. A classic San Francisco chinese recipe; Chinatown fish cakes were once all made with rubberlips and pile perch back in the day. Nowadays they use ladyfish from florida, and probably whatever else whitefish is cheapest.

Nice schoolie! I've seen them nearly beach themselves chasing bait, and they often hit in the wash.



Thanks Al. That's awesome, we'll have to try it out!!!


No problemo neighbor. Its probably the only way to eat a perch and be reasonably happy about it.

Love your blog, man. Its cool that someone actually wants to chronicle the different fisheries of the bay area, and yet respects the waters we all share. I get a kick out of reading about various fisheries that I don't participate in, and you make good efforts not to put salt in peoples game while doing so. Keep on rocking.


You would have won that bet. I thought I knew where your picture was taken, but when I perused some photos of the spot that I had in mind, I couldn't find that architectural hint that you have cropped from the picture. I attribute my mistake to false memory syndrome or old age.

I wish my father was alive to see your night smelt pictures & videos. He always referred to them as grunion. He caught them with an A-frame net too.

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