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Yeah, thats for real, man. What kind of retarded science are they teaching nowadays?


Fifty years ago, a group calling itself the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals campaigned against animal nudity. SINA founder G. Clifford Prout was invited to various TV & radio talk shows. He demanded that animals be clothed. "A nude horse is a rude horse." Thousands of supporters were drawn to the cause, and many donated money.

In 1962, Prout appeared on the CBS Evening News, but CBS employees recognized Prout as writer/comedian Buck Henry (before he co-created "Get Smart" or wrote the screenplay for "the Graduate"). The campaign had been an elaborate hoax staged by prankster Alan Abel who made a career of fooling the public.

I'm amazed that no one resurrected the idea and turned it into a Spam campaign. There must be plenty of naked animals in Nigeria...



Ah, but indricotheria were reptiles, yes? Internal sex organs...aka no balls, y'all.

(Delurking also to say I love reading about your exploits!)


No not reptiles! Mammals! The largest land mammal ever. The exhibit is called: Extreme Mammals.


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