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Scott Parker

You kno the true meaning of the MLPA acronym? They are basically marine life poaching areas because only poachers will be fishing there.

Yeah, by the way, you are on the nose about Dick Cheney and maybe add BP to that.

Here is an MLPA map but it's still a work in progress... basically just the coorinates plotted on google maps...


And I still owe you some Lagunitas!


Awesome post. And what indeed, is the ultimate purpose of a fish? Or a man for that matter. Funny part is, "the grid" or anything built or managed at that kind of scale, is not long for this world. Whereas the fish, some kind of fish, will still be around long after.



I'm actually somewhat amused by all this. When closures specific to the SF bay were introduced, nobody said anything, and they still don't. Its about time the rest of CA gets screwed over; see how they like it.


The purpose of a fish is to:

1) swim

2) mate and die

3) keep the trilobite population under control

4) provide protien to sea-faring and river-wading quadrupeds

5) mope in some jack-off's aquarium

6) provide protien to microbes in contaminated waters

8) teach white girls how to dance, by getting stuck in their bikini bottoms

9) fertilize maize

... in other words, their purpose isn't that much different from our own.


The SF Bay closures indeed suck, but AFAIK the boundaries and restrictions were only published in the regs last year (see outrageous closures around the Marin Islands). MLPA gets to the Bay maybe next year (http://www.dfg.ca.gov/mlpa/meetingsmain.asp), my understanding is that these existing boundaries will change. I'm guessing if we don't fight for them, we will lose shoreline/island fishing access to any area deemed bird or seal habitat.


Holey Moley. Look at the Marin Islands closure! Who knew? Man I love(d) drifting in a kayak through there. Suckola.

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