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Scott P

There was actually just a discussion about local shore-fish sashimi and parasite problems over at pierfishing.com If you go over there and search for the articles on it there will be NUMEROUS hits. Boiled down, however, it can be summed up with the following two points in order to have the safest possible, highest quality, home made sushi/sashimi.

what it actually means when fish is sushi/sashimi grade can be found here... This is done to kill any parasites.


and a simple method for making your own fresh high-quality sushi-grade fish...


Apparently the flash-freezing keeps large ice crystals from forming in the tender meat of the fish, which is what frequently causes the meat to take on that mushy texture. And while there is little you can do about metal contaminants, it has the added benefit of killing a vast majority of the most commonly occuring parasites.

Just a quick note as well... I have not yet attempted this myself so don't have any first hand feedback for you on it!


LOL, too funny. A decline in Rhacochilus toxotes? Hmmm, methinks your data may be skewed, Kirk. If anything I've seen a decline in the number of people pursuing them, or more correctly, pursuing them in the right way and in the right places. To chase these fish is quite a bit more than "mindless perching".

And I'd have to disagree with your assessment of Damalicthys vacca; nothing quite brings a sense of accomplishment as bagging one of those bad boys. Not even bass, not even halibut. Heresy, I know, but since this is somewhat anonymous I'll say it. There is no single fish in SF bay that is harder to catch than those fish. They'll look at your bait, look at your line, cock an eye at you, and swim away. These things are more paranoid than crack smokers at a policemans ball. You can feed them pieces of shrimp and they'll eat it; throw a piece of shrimp with a hook in it and they'll basically laugh in your face.

But I love this article anyway, since the stars are one of my childhood favorites. Oh, check your email man.

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