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Scott P

It's always nice to see people not only own up to it when they make mistakes, but to graciously accept (and solicit more in the future) corrected information. Kudos to you for your attitude, and Kudos to Pierhead (his post motivated me to do some more research on various littoral lifeforms as well!) for his tact in the posting he made pointing it out.

Have you considered selling tickets to your flogging to benefit the charity of your choice? Could be a nifty new way to go about fundraising and, perhaps, bring public floggings back into vogue (less the hideous weals, welts, and lacerations of course!).




Sooooooo does that mean you CAN catch these little guys legally (the shore crab, that is)? My bloodthirsty Vietnamese grandma will surely want to know.


Never heard of anyone eating those things... not even blood thirsty Vietnamese grand mas usually they're just bait.

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