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Scott Parker

Wow. I'd heard the term before but, as a bay area transplant (implant perhaps would be more appropriate?), I never realized where it had come from. I've heard of Emperor Norton, but now need to do some googling on Abe Warner and Shanghai Kelly (likely The Galloping Cow as well).

My last four trips out, Bean Hollow + Fort Baker, Bean Hollow, and then 2x to Capitola on a skiff were all piscatorially unfriendly. Aside from a few dinky rocky ichthy, quickly released with the command to go forth and multiply, there was nothing worth mentioning and definitely nothing for the table.

Of course the tuna are moving ever closer, but the swells seem to be coming up again too... so we shall see what the future brings.

Loved this posting, and look forward as much to your San Francisco historical tangents as I do to reading about your nautical and intertidal adventures!


Great local color, as always. I didn't know that Oofty Goofty allowed himself to be tarred & feathered.

I thought you would have finished with Gentleman Jim Corbett knocking out Sullivan. Initially, I only knew the Warner Brothers version of Corbett played by Errol Flynn with Ward Bond as John L. Sullivan. Later, thanks to a Benicia tract home brochure, I learned of Corbett's all night bout with Joe Choynski on a barge in San Francisco Bay which eventually grounded in Benicia the next morning! The barge was a floating venue that kept the fighters and spectators free from police intervention. Corbett won, even though he broke his left hand.

I find it odd that I only encountered one fish whose common name was taken from a boxer, the Jack Dempsey cichlid. My fishing buddy owned one when we were kids. The only thing that could live in the same aquarium tank with that Jack Dempsey was an albino walking catfish (still legal back then--but so was LSD).

Patrick Pickerell

I think this kind of thing still goes on at certain south of market establishments.


Fontenelle: adding to issue of fish named for boxers is the fact that the Jack Dempsey cichlid has had some of the fight bred out of it by domestication - tropical fish breeders have inbred the species to bring out the bright speckling, leading to a strain called the "Electric Blue Dempsey" ... with the end result being a slightly less territorial fish. The more aggressive wild form is still available in the pet trade, but the domesticated "electric blue" is being favored in the market - which will hopefully take some of the strain of collection off of the species' remaining wild population. Of course, the breeders do need to occasionally infuse wild genes into the domesticated population, in order to ensure genetic viability ... but I'm digressing (something Kirk and I have in common!) ... actually, what the hell was my point?

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