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Even though wolf eels have heftier jaws than morays, and could probably bite a hole clean through a human wrist bone, I'm casting my vote that the moray would win: from what I can tell, wolf eels have slightly mellower dispostions, whereas morays appear to be more swift & agile, and slightly more aggressive ...

... see - even those of us who don't chomp stoagies, and haven't followed ball since college, engage in such postulating!

That said, yes - crossing the line between postulating, and forcing the match, is a big line to cross. Bear-baiting sounds absolutely, inexcusably horrid. The brutality of it, of course, is obvious - but there's also something really perverted and un-natural about it ... something that goes far beyond the postulation, which by contrast actually seems quite natural.

Now I know why I always lost my cool with the pharmacy in that Walgreen's - the friggin' place is haunted! The vibes were makin' me all wiggy and shit!

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