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I have thought the same thing about fishermen at the farmer's market. I would seriously buy all my fish there, as I feel it's more important to know where your fish comes from than vegetables, even.

There's a fish guy at the Civic Center farmer's market (SF), but he's definitely no fisherman. Somebody needs to get this going, and please make it at my local Alemany Farmer's Market ;)

Keith Iaia

OK Lombard... seriously... you should take a couple days and visit us on the Central coast. Not that we would ever pretend to show you how it's done in the City, but let me just give you an idea...

Last weekend, we went down to Morro Bay to get fish for a family get together. First we stopped for lunch at the dockside Cafe (local halibut,and morro bay farm raised oysters). Then, over to the market where the local fish are all clearly identified by boat, skipper, and method of catch. ("foriegn" fish are identified and generally shunned). BTW, we bought line caught local white seabass and Albacore from up your way.

OK so thats pretty standard for a harbor that still manages to maintain a viable commercial deal - here is where it gets interesting. As we speak, the fishwife (limit of reds last week BY HERSELF - what a woman)is down at the farmers market in Templeton - about 25 miles inland from the bay. And there she will find just what you were looking for. All of the local fishes plus local oysters, fresh and on display and with their pedigree's in full view.

I believe that what you espouse is in fact happening - it sure is happening here, and its working.

BTW, the seabass bite locally remains red hot, and as a result we have had an increase in salt water attorney sightings. Check out this video of a couple locals losing a nice WSB to the man in the grey suit:


Finally, the wife is taking the kid up to SF next week to tour the school - perhaps I can send her on a mission to recover certain surplus equipment?

peter kruse

Lombard, I think you would be the perfect person to fill the farmer's market void, as you are to start the City Kids Fishing program you have espoused in the past. You obviously have the marketing and harvest tools. You are a modern day Ed Rickets.


Dude, cute heterosexual blonde piscivorous hippie chicks slanging fish! A novel idea indeed. Cute piscivorous brunettes would be cool too. Get the ball rolling, I'll be the first customer.

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