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Scott Parker

Sounds like you had a great trip there! For what it's worth, I would like to add my general recommendation of Mike. He is a really great person and his knowledge of fish could fill volumes! Add in to the mix that he is a really great guy and you can't go wrong with him as a guide!


Sounds like a great road trip! Unfortunately, after a salmon has spawned, it isn't worth eating. Fortunately for me, the only salmon I catch these days are land-locked Kokanee--and most of the mature ones are about to spawn now.

If Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady had been anglers, they could have met Richard Brautigan hitchhiking to Hat Creek. If they had turned William Burroughs into a fisherman, Joan Burroughs might have only suffered a fishhook in her eye...


Kirk, I think you must be the Bull Lee of fishing. I like to think of myself as the Roland Major.

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