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Scott Parker

Wow. That was first thing I was thinking when I looked at the pics... "Those are canaries, not vermillions" then saw the caption. Reminds me of Ft. Point watching some lady get ticketd by DFG for having 20 Dungeness in her crab bucket... Multiple people let her know beforehand in that case though.

In the case of the fishermen keeping the Canaries... just goes to heighten the point of "If you aren't sure of the ID, then take a picture and throw it back."

Orsa Fisher

I was on one of these boats.
That was my first chance to see you "in action".
I assume you were not the one issuing fines though. Your friend did.
You did not check our boat. I wanted to come over and say hi but you did look really tired.

And no we did not get the ticket. I know how canary looks:)

Always fun and useful to read your posts. Good luck in Oregon.


Aw, hes actually a pretty cool guy, orsa. Say hi next time. I don't know if he remembers this, but years ago when I first met him, I used to bitch him out and totally blow him off when he asked to see my catch. I feel kinda guilty about it now, having bsed with him and finding out hes alright. I was just mad at the DFG for a variety of reasons, and he happened to be the guy looking all official in front of me. Its all good; either he has a very short term memory or hes an amazingly chill dude.


... the latter.

Dan Keating

I wonder how many "legal" RF those guys culled to get the 20 Canaries. Sad.

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