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sean m

thanks go to you, kirk diggler. i love reading your blog. one of 4 i read regularly.

Scott Parker

Hey Kirk, don't rule out fishing in the Grand Canyon yet.



I can't claim to ever have participated in this activity but it's
noted and there.

I also have to say that I agree with Sean M who commmented above
that I also really love reading your blog. It's definitely my
favorite blog on the web, not necessarily because it's about fishing
but because it's quirky and entertaining. Maybe our goal, as
readers, should be to see how quickly we can make it go viral?

Have a great trip and look forward to your update when you return.
Can't wait to hear your take on your travels outside the bay!


Happy anniversary, Kirk. Keep blogging and we'll keep reading. By the way, I've caught rainbow trout in the Grand Canyon, even when the water is the color of chocolate milk.

Scott Parker

And since I didn't ask before and didn't see it mentioned while re-reading, what is the show and air-date of your over-the-air debut (Unless you are under an NDA not to mention it!)

Since I've been busy and homebound so frequently I definitely need to tune the box in to see your episode!

bob a

keep on bloggin' baby! I've never been able to explain to non-fisherman the creative/intellectual/gentlemenly side of dropping a line in the water and waithing for a bite. Thanks for making it so all I have to do is send them a link to MFN.


Fry the shit out of them is the Cantonese SOP.

Don't bother though, not much meat on em.


Autumn is a great time to be outdoors. Hope you enjoy peering into the abyss. I need to visit the Grand Canyon soon myself. Nothing like natural beauty on a mammoth scale to help me appreciate the insignificance of human endeavor. After I allow the S.F. Giants to give me an ulcer, I'll travel to the northern Sierra where I will be surrounded by fall foliage as I catch spawning Brook trout. Soon after that, Dungeness crab will be in season. Life is good.

Northern Boy

Happy Birthday!

I'm still here! Still reading and enjoying every post!

I agree with Fontenelle, Autumn is great. Picked a bunch of wild mushrooms this morning then spent the afternoon making (hard) cider from windfall apples.


Your's is the only blog I read regularly. I keep thinking I can explain to non-fisherpeople why it is so great, but to no avail.
Keep it up!


Happy anniversary! I don't know anything about fishing but I still like reading your blog.


Dude, if you find our commentary inspired, it's only because we find your blog inspiring - may it continue to inspire others, for years to come!


Eclectic and entertaining blog.

mata iaia

Please do keep us up to date with your life's journey. You are the only blog I check on regularly, and always with great enjoyment. It was referred by my Son, to my Husband, and then to me. (and then of course many others!)

Your current choice of books read "The Road" may be a tad dark for the moment,perhaps some contemporary Buddhist writing?

Just finished canning a load of Albacore in fabulous olive oil!


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