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The See'r in Steinbeck's Sweet Thursday tells Doc what he collects from the tide pools and what some of the tastes approximate. Read it?

Scott Parker

Yet another intertidal species I never even realized was edible... I haven't the foggiest notion how to prep snails though. Aren't they still under quarantine like other invertebrates? Or is it only mussles/bivalves?


Best class ever!

bill heavey

kirk, sent following to my girlfriend, who is a mean forager, cook, photog., writer, food speaker (including how she managed to feed herself and two boys eating SOLE (sustainably, organic, local, ethical) on food stamp money for a month.
her response:
wow, this guy is just simply amazing. i loved reading his blog --
funny and interesting, opinionated while also sounds like he knows
what he's talking about, that's a rare trifecta in blogdom. hope you
get to go anchovy fishing with him!


My father-in-law and his fellow old-school japanese fisherman buddies love to eat the black turban snails. The boil a pot of salt water, toss em in for a minute or two and then pick 'em out with a needle, avoiding the hard little 'scale'. I've had a few myself, and while they are not bad, they don't excite me like they do the old guys. Limpets/opihi, on the othe other hand... now them's good eatin!


I was one of the naive few to benefit from your creative fiscal pursuits and must say you have won me over heart and soul - both to your good humor and incredible breadth of knowledge of all watery things but also to a far greater interest and understanding of what's going on in our bay and the sea life we consume. Going to try my first crab catch tomorrow morning to hopefully add to our Thanksgiving feast! Much thanks for you my friend! A few photos from the day...the longer videos are much more humorous but limited by flickr to post.

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