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Reno Sepulveda

Always love reading your blog. Best wishes on the job search.

donny laundry

great post. i love hearing about the history. you ever visit the bay model in sausalito? i wonder if shit creek is represented.


Glenn Park is the headwaters of Shit Creek? Really? I always wondered where that little trickle went after being channeled into an underground tunnel! It is worth checking out, if we're thinking of the same Glenn Park (remember, I haven't resided on the Barbary Coast in a dozen years) ... it's a nice weedy little canyon hidden in the city, with oak and laurel, and interesting rock outcroppings, and open fields that fill with wildflowers in the Spring; definitely worth exploring. The creek is apparently relatively uncontaminated at this point of origin, as it supports a lot of wildlife - garter snakes, huge dragonflies, etc. - and local kids sometimes use it to irrigate scrappy marajuana plants hidden in the denser thickets of laurel. Once, when walking around in that canyon, I saw a redtail hawk pounce on a vole not ten feet from where I stood. I was also almost sprayed by a skunk there, and even once spotted an endangered species of rat snake there ... wish I could remember the exact name of that snake, as it was a beauty: pale tan, with flushes of black and turquoise around the head, as I recall.

It was a nice hike out there from our old place in the Mission; follow the J-Church line south ... at the end of the line, dog-leg left, then right past the historic "French laundry" (which performed other services for Barbary Coast-era sailors besides starching uniforms - basically, you could get your underpants stained and cleaned in the same place!), and it's pretty much a straight shot down what-ever-the-heck road that is ... always stopped by the Creighton's Bakery for refreshment, before heading into the shrubbery; as I recall, they had some scrumptuous little creation with prunes and raspberries that was to die for.


Awesome stuff. Glad you are back buddy. BTW, things could happen very soon. In the next few weeks, although I suspedt its still a bit early now. Until then, I'll stick with bird watching. Maybe if we are lucky we will get a first hand Ornithology lesson (part 2?)... when flocks darken the shore and clowd the sky. Winter is upon us! Happy T-day.


I lived on a boat here from 74-80 with my family. I was 2 when we moved our boat here from Half Moon Bay. We were tied to the dock that ran from the old fish processing plant down behind ABC Auto Dismantling. We used to climb on the giant sewer pipes and rail tracks. Oddly, they were safer than the asphalt and wood dock that seemed to lose pieces into the water every day. Lots of memories of ships coming in to offload at the factory across the way. People say the factory quit operating in 74. It didn't. Ships came in for a couple more years. The tugs pushing them almost sank us several times. We'd have to abandon ship in the middle of the night. When it rained the whole creek would smell like sewer. Shit Creek was no place to raise little kids.

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