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I'd like to see the Giants finish the job on the road. I believe Tim Lincecum can win tonight even though Cliff Lee wants to redeem himself for losing Game 1. If I'm wrong, Matt Cain is more than capable of winning it all at home, which would make many fans even happier.

I don't want to think about Game 7 unless the team physicians say that Jonathan Sanchez is injured and unfit to play. That would allow Zito to pitch, but I'd hate to bet the series' outcome on him.

I've been waiting for this victory since 1962 (not as many years as some geriatric Red Sox fans waited -- but long enough for this old man).


Go Giants!!
Thought you weren't into the bay fish? But god, its nice to have them back even if they're kinda small. Best week this year in terms of numbers.


You need to update this post with a vid clip of you dancing in the streets of the Barbary Coast, starkers and orange, and blaring your horn, cuz - as everybody knows by now - the Giants did it!!! Of course, we understand it might take a while, as you're probably hung-over, and whatnot.

Thing is, everybody's happy for San Francisco - even here on the East Coast, they've got Giants paraphernalia for sale in supermarket aisles. Feel the love, as they say. A celebration well-deserved.

Nonetheless, the sooner you post that vid clip, the better - I'm shackled to my cubicle, and could use a good healthy laugh ...

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