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Doug Cole

One of my preferred stock of steelhead flies: the blood sucking leech. It must represent a prey source as valid as a shrimp, stonefly, mayfly, etc. etc...


We saw lots of lamprays as kids in Gilroy in the Uvas Creek, Always afraid of having one attach to your leg. There used to be steelhead too, but that stopped in the mid 80's. Never heard of anyone eating a lampray.

Scott Parker

I don't think I've ever actually seen a lamprey in the flesh as it were... Will they go after anything that moves or do they primarily target salmonids... meaning do I need to treat them with the care I would a sarcastic fringehead if caught or would it be more concerned with getting away than in getting a meal?

Patrick Pickerell

Good ol Boy Huell Howser (California's Gold) had a tv show recently featuring Indian net salmon fishing on the mouth of the Klamath. Part of the segment was the tribal guy right at the spit catching eels as the came in with waves. Long stick with U shaped wire hook. Once he had the eel in the crook he would swing it over his head as he ran inland and pitched it up the bank. Looked quite aerobic.


I know this is an older post but I've seen baby lampreys in some of the russian river tributaries and find them in smallmouth bass stomachs pretty regularly there too. A friend of mine lived on the reservation on the Klamath and has very fond memories of smoked lamprey, she describes it as jerky-like and oily (both in good ways).

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