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Kirk, I thoroughly enjoy your discussions on baitfish, but I would value your opinions on Salmon. The loudest voices in the discussion all seem to have an axe to grind. I don’t want to hear from commercial fisherman or farmers about issues like salmon and the delta, I want to hear from balanced and educated sources like the MFN.

I’m really enjoying reading my hard copies of the MFN #3 and #4. They are well worth the price. You are a good writer. You should publish a book!

Northern Boy

I caught my first legal Sturgeon in my 61st hour of trying. My first undersize about 8 hours before that.

Speaking of fish which are small, tasty and occasionally plentiful in SF Bay.... no sand dabs again this year?


Kirk, I recieved MFN #'s 3 & 4. Fantastic! Although had to read # 3 with a disecting microscope. Thank you so much.
While Le Video is great, I hope you know you live right next to 4 star video, owned by The Shelves. Not fisherpeople, but local musicians and great people.

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