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Well, there's not really 200 pots out there. Its more like 20. Maybe 50 on a weekend. But your point is well taken, KL. I will leave you with my own deeply complicated philosophy with regard to divulging the location of fishing spots, foraging areas, dive spots or surf spots: Don't do it.

Sure, take your friends there. Enjoy it. But keep your mouth closed. Nothing good comes from broadcasting where you are out doing your shit. In the case of _____ _____ it means that many more Grady's full of fat guys from the valley poaching my crab pots. Sure, it's not a top secret spot, but there are plenty of fisherman/crabbers out there who don't have any idea that places like this exist. It is not the Pacifica Pier of SF and I for one vote for keeping it that way.

As always, KL, Christ is Lord!



Whoever this JB guy is, he gets it; nothing good ever comes from broadcasting where you do your shit. Dunno about the holy moly jesus stuff, but you rock anyway dude. Pacifica Pier exists for a reason.


I might add, nothing good comes from broadcasting where other people do their shit; a little consideration goes a long way with fishermen.

Reno Sepulveda

Hey I got my MFN #3 & #4, plus the surfperch and baitfish guide. All I can do is quote Terri Hatcher, "They're real and they're SPECTACULAR!"

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