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Don't go all hollywood on us! Saw the Wild Within show last night. It was good. I think you are going to come of just fine!


Sheeit, you shoulda got more money out of them!


As long as you don't blow up my favorite crab snaring beach... doh, you did that already w/the foraging article. Just kidding btw - PFIC has blown that spot up to a point where people pick up their first license and fishing pole from wallyworld and proceed to snare while avoiding eye contact with the old tea bags.

I'm sure you'll do fine and I can't wait to see that episode. I like the concept but they could have done a better job in choosing the host.


don't sell yourself short!

But don't worry you'll do great. Just don't wear your work shirt.


I was gonna say, don't wear your work shirt and you won't look like an idiot.

When are you going fishing?

Northern Boy

".....in those days there were herring pumps set up in key locations all around the bay."

Herring pumps!? I want to know more about herring pumps!


Maybe "herring pumps" are what stylish Scandinavian and Japanese women wear on their feet to New Years Eve parties ... it would certainly be a good way to encourage shrimp jobs!

Sorry, the pun just entered my head, and I had to spew.

Kirk's unemployed, and I'm overworked - it's a dangerous combo. Yes, indeed, let's blame the financial crisis for our desparation!

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